Agra : A city drenched in History

Bill Clinton once felt, the world is divided into those who have seen the Taj Mahal and those who haven’t. Say ‘Agra’ and the magical wisps of timeless love and the mesmerizing white dream of Taj Mahal start encompassing you.

Although the enchanting dream of Taj Mahal looms large over everything else in the city, there are many other shades to the canvas of this beautiful city. A city drenched in history, Agra offers you riches not just in terms of archaeology but also in terms of culture and diversity, a blend that brings tourists from across the world, again and again.

3 UNESCO World Heritage sites, some breathtaking gardens and fascinating local markets and streets, make Agra a must-visit for every backpacker travelling across North India.


Best time to Visit   - October - March

Languages Spoken  - Hindi, English and Urdu

Popular for            - Taj Mahal